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Jamielee safee

I would highly recommend Elwyn as a driving instructor, his approach towards teaching is very calming and understanding. I felt at ease in every lesson I took with him and he has a very positive attitude. I'm sorry I never found an instructor like him sooner. He had faith even when I thought I couldn't do it and it was a pleasure to have driven with him. Best driving instructor I've been with by far.


I undertook driving lessons with Elwyn this summer, and thanks to his guidance and support, came away with a pass! Elwyn is a very friendly and approachable instructor who is able to explain as well as practically demonstrate driving concepts with great clarity. I found myself at ease during his lessons, making it easier for me to focus on the driving without feeling nervous or unsure. While providing encouragement throughout, he was not afraid to be honest about areas that needed improvement. I would thoroughly recommend driving with Elwyn - you will not be disappointed! :)

Richard Harris

Elwyn asked me to write a short statement for his website: "I've had three instructors now and I've found the first two lacking compared to Elwyn's more thorough approach to teaching. His method is to give you the full story from the start rather than teaching a simplified form of what you need to know and then trying to add the detail later. I feel like I will be a much more competent driver under his instruction."

Tom Hinton

Elwyn Marfell Jones has recently been teaching me to drive. He is always punctual. He seems to me to be a very experienced instructor. He is very competent and I feel safe and confident under his tuition. He remains calm under pressure and his composure is infectious - I don't feel nervous when I'm in the car with Elwyn. I enjoy my lessons with Elwyn, he has a good manner and is friendly, patient and kind. I feel that I am being taught not just how to pass my driving test, but how to drive safely and responsibly. Please let me know if I can give you any further information.


Jessica Martin

Elwyn is a friendly, flexible and informative driving instructor and finds ways that best fit you rather than one fixed style to teach. He also shares his knowledge of driving experiences to help you gain valuable confidence.His great sense of humour and the stress free environment he creates helps to make driving fun. During a driving lesson with Elwyn, I always felt relaxed and comfortable and the way he taught me the information was simple and easy, as he took in that I didn’t always understand it sometimes which helped me a lot. When learning how to do the manoeuvres, he would help me to remember them by drawing out the sequences of what happens and how to do it, when to look at my mirrors and when to stop. This method helped me a lot as I would be able to go home and go over this ready for the next lesson which made me feel more confident going into the next lesson. Elwyn constantly focused on all my positives that I had developed over time and any issues we would discuss them and set to work on overcoming them straight away. I highly recommend Elwyn as he will not just teach you to pass your test, but how to drive for life. He is patient and doesn’t rush you and explains everything in a clear way, he is professional yet still friendly and approachable if you have any worries or problems.

Anna Jenkins

“I cannot praise my driving instructor enough for the help, guidance and support he gave me when I was

learning to drive. I was not a ‘natural’ driver and his approach to learning kept me on the road. He was punctual,positive and patient giving excellent guidance and directions that gave me confidence and enabled me to improve my driving skills. So much so that I knew that if I persevered I would pass. I would recommend Elwyn to anyone learning to drive, he’s given me confidence in my driving ability and I will always be thankful to him for what he helped me to achieve.”